IT feels like something is missing. Because something is missing. After 10 years, 11 months and two weeks, I am no longer WBO super middleweight champion of the world.

That’s not bad for a column exclusive is it?

It was a tough decision to make, relinquishing the belt, I can tell you that without hesitation.

I know people question the importance of alphabet titles, but I would like to think I have given this particular title some extra importance.

I did my best to unify the division, I held all the titles at one time or another, but I owed it to the WBO to be totally honest with them.

The truth is, it’s just too hard for me to get down to the 12 stone super middleweight limit, and I can’t do it anymore.

I put myself through hell to make the weight for the Peter Manfredo and Mikkel Kessler fights and I can’t do it anymore, my natural weight is about 14 stone and it’s too much of a stretch at my age!

Obviously I will never forget beating Chris Eubank for the title way back in 1997, but I feel like that chapter of my life has closed.

The ten-year anniversary was a wonderful marker for me and I feel it’s an appropriate time to end any doubt about me fighting at that weight again.

I received my promoter’s license this week, Calzaghe Promotions is up and running and I feel like I am entering a new phase, not just in my career, but in my life.

I had a great relationship with the WBO and although it was painful to give up the title, I know I have made the right decision.

If I do say so myself, there is going to be quite a void now in super middleweight boxing and I can’t wait to see who will step up and fill it.

I have already given up the WBA title, so you can consider me a 100% light heavyweight fighter from this point onwards.

I did think that this would be a quiet week, bearing in mind I did press events in Los Angeles, New York, London and Cardiff last week all in the space of five days, but it has been anything but.

My dad is back to his sadistic best, training is as intense now as it will be four weeks before the Roy Jones fight and I am absolutely bloody knackered!

Not only have we had the training, but I have also been filming the first instalment of HBO’s 24/7 series, which they are running for this fight.

There are going to be three episodes, we’ve filmed the stuff for the first one and the HBO crew return on October 11 and stay until I fly out for the fight.

I am a big fan of the show and HBO did a great job hyping the Kessler and Bernard Hopkins fights, so I have no doubt this one will be equally good.

You’ll be able to catch it on Setanta in the run up to the fight and maybe even on terrestrial TV as well.

I wanted to say a massive thank you to those fans who came to Cardiff on Saturday and supported me; it was a brilliant feeling after such a hectic week.

I understand that hundreds of people couldn’t get in and I feel awful about that and am really sorry.

I had suggested we use Cardiff Castle as the venue as lots more people would have been able to get in, but unfortunately it wasn’t possible to arrange that.

I think it’s great that the crowd were so receptive to Roy Jones, to be fair he does sound more Welsh than Joe Calzaghe anyway!

It was a real pleasure doing co-promotion with him, but I couldn’t believe it when I read people saying we were too friendly.

I think fake animosity is absolutely pathetic.

Why pretend to hate someone when you clearly don’t?

My good mate Steve Bunce did a great job hosting the event, but he can certainly talk can’t he?

If I had known Steve was on stage I would have turned up for 1pm instead of midday!

I took a bit of stick from some papers (including one in Wales) for choosing to fight Jones instead of Kelly Pavlik, but I think I’ve been clear on this.

I don’t believe for one second that Kelly Pavlik is a great fighter and Roy Jones definitely was and on the evidence of his last three fights, still is.

If some writers don’t agree then that is their prerogative, but ultimately I am 36-years old and capable of making my own decisions.

Finally, I just want to mention the brilliant firefighters at Abercarn fire station.

I spent the day with the firefighters on Tuesday and it was a brilliant experience.

I hope I have helped in raising their profile and awareness of what they do, it’s such an important job.

My missus was pretty happy to see me put on the uniform as well, so at least she was pleased!

I took part in as much as I could, but I drew the line at climbing the ladder.

I am not the best with heights to be honest and I don’t think I would have got too much sympathy from HBO or Setanta if I fell off and hurt myself!