IN-FORM Newport Mike Manning Audio Wasps have arrived in Lincolnshire to continue their bid to climb the British Premier League speedway table.

Inactivity has meant the Wasps have slipped from seventh to 11th in the 14-strong table and and an away win at Scunthorpe Scorpions tonight could set them on the road to an eventual top-six finish to the 2011 season.

Scunthorpe will include ex-Wasp Carl Wilkinson, who has recently regained his team place after losing it earlier this season because of a broken leg.

Teams (from): Scunthorpe Scorpions: Richard Hall; David Howe (capt); Thomas Jørgensen; Michael Palm Toft; Carl Wilkinson; Ben Wilson; Steve Worrall.

Newport Wasps: Robin Aspegren; Jason Doyle; Charlie Gjedde; Mark Jones; Todd Kurtz; Leigh Lanham (capt); Anders Mellgren.

Tapes up at Scunthorpe tonight is at 7.30pm and a full match report will appear here at around 10.15pm