WE won the cup, we won the cup! What a great feeling for each and every one of us involved with the Newport Wasps, from the riders to the promotion, management, staff, sponsors and fans.

We were just totally awesome in front of one of the best crowds of the season at Queensway Meadows with all the hard work put in by the promotion and management in advertising the cup final paying off.

It was so good to see so many there including lots of new faces who will hopefully keep coming back along with some of the old fans who were tempted back to get behind us for this meeting .

There were lots more kids in as well so the kids for free and sending flyers out to the schools looked like it worked well and I know that many enjoyed it as a lot came in the pits for autographs after and I had a chat with a few and they and their parents were enthusiastic about it.

That has to be good for the club and I know they want to build on this.

It was also great to see our promoters so happy, even Steve Mallett was jumping up and down and shouting!

He lost his voice at Glasgow but tried to make out that he had a cold – no Steve you were shouting that much that’s why you lost it.

The promotion and management have put so much into Newport Speedway and this was a just reward and if we keep crowds coming in like this then hopefully this great club can survive.

On track Jason Doyle was superb and with his operation up and coming the cup final was his final meeting of the year.

He so wanted to end with a maximum in the home leg but Nick Morris just got the better of him in heat 15 to spoil that but he ended in style in Glasgow as he and I took a 5-1 in heat 15 there.

He has ridden through the pain barrier for us for the past few weeks and a cup winner’s medal was well deserved.

Like the rest of us he would love to be back in Wasps colours in 2012.

We had really wanted to dominate the first leg and that was we set out to do and had a team spirit that was second to none with each and every one of us pumping each other up and helping each other.

We had received news before the meeting that Neil Street, who is a total legend at Newport, was taken seriously ill and that his family were flying to Australia to be with him and this spurred us on as we wanted to do it for Streety.

Our thoughts are with his family after he sadly passed away. ‘Bill’, as he was known, was someone everyone looked up to and was always a source of help and inspiration.

This weekend is tough with three away matches, at Edinburgh last night, Berwick today, before ending off at Newcastle tomorrow.

Then we will be back home to parade the KO Cup on Friday when, of all clubs, we face Glasgow.