IT was great for me to be able to celebrate a decade at the club recently and this year has started well by signing another contract to stay at Rodney Parade. I strongly believe that I can play the best rugby of my career over the next few seasons.

In the past I have had opportunities to go elsewhere and have had to weight things up, but I’ve always felt that there is potential here and I do want to be a part of the team when we start achieving what we are capable of.

I know from some former teammates that the grass isn’t always greener and it has made sense for me to stay, not only because of the rugby but my other interests in the area.

The decision was made easier by the amount of players in our squad who have also re-signed – Hallam Amos, Brok Harris, Rynard Landman, Nic Cudd, Ed Jackson, Adam Warren – and that goes to show that as a group we believe we can made big strides.

There may be some uncertainly off-field at the Dragons with the search for new investment but as players (and I’m sure the coaches feel the same) we just want to keep developing.

A bit more security and having more understanding about where things are heading off the field will be good news for all and the positive investment will no doubt help us get the success that we are capable of.

As a team, we do feel that we have got a lot to offer and I am looking forward to being a part of the next few years coming up.

I am now one of those players bracketed as being experienced and I understand what that means in rugby terms now.

I’ve been to most places, I’ve got plenty of T-shirts and made the mistakes that have made me a better player today, learning from them as I've got older.

I have signed a new contract to play rugby and I will always fight for my starting place but I also know that I have a role to play in pushing the likes of Ollie Griffiths and Harri Keddie on to bigger and better things.

These guys fighting for a starting spot will no doubt push them to the top of their game and ultimately push me to keep my place in the starting back row.

When I came through I had the likes of Michael Owen and Colin Charvis to learn from and when the time comes you have to take your chance. This combination of 'senior' players and new talent is key to a healthy squad and future at the Dragons.