Michael is the MD of Soft Soles Podiatry has more than three decades of experience in his field and what really excites him about his skilful job, is the way the proper scientific approach underpinning his practice solves most of the concerns with problematic feet.

His expert approach not only resolves people’s issues of foot care treatment and healthy lifestyle management, but Michael also helps to re-educate people’s way of thinking, by explaining the reasons why his clients are having foot related troubles in the first place.

“I often tell my clients, from an early age, we quickly learn how to test our boundaries and bend the rules to see how much we can get away with. Michael told the Voice.

“Ultimately, we eventually get caught out and learn our limitations and the consequences from our individual experiences.

“This principle applies to what we wear on our feet – if a person is wearing an incorrect shoe size from an early age, they may continue to do so for MANY years before they start to see a problem –  the 'bad' vs the ‘good' habits.

“Once problems start to arise – usually accompanied by pain and or discomfort - they come to me and I explain to them that they have got into some bad habits by not wearing the right footwear for years.

“This may seem pretty obvious and simple, but people who are currently wearing the wrong size & style of shoe, or wear shoes just for the sake of fashion is staggering – it is not good, people!

“Most foot problems can be easily avoided with the right education from an early age. Simple things such as correctly lacing and tying your shoes for the best foot support can have a major impact later in life because of accelerated wear and tear a

“My job is to diagnose treat and prevent, then help rehabilitate and educate people on conditions of their feet and legs. We treat all foot conditions and across my time I think I have seen almost everything.

“Most definitely early education is the best preventative, then early treatment will eliminate and relieve a lot of discomfort and pain, more often than not, in just a few treatments, with my clients finding the pain greatly improved if not gone.

“The most common ailments that people come to me for are toenail problems, such as thickened, fungal or ingrown toenails, corns and calluses, athlete’s foot, cracked and painful heels, flat feet, and tired, aching legs to name just a few.

“I can also offer my clients - prescription orthotics, which are tailor-made insoles, these bespoke devices are laser-scanned and computer milled for the perfect fit to relieve arch or heel and back pain. And to facilitate the realignment and balance of your whole body.

“These amazing devices are extremely popular with my female clients as they are able to walk in heels just the same as walking in flats.

“My clinic is equipped with the latest technology for foot treatment and care such as the Tom-Cat Laser scanner for perfect wafer-thin arch supports and Swift treatment, which eradicate verruca’s and the Clearanail system for fungal nails.”

If there’s a problem with your feet, you better come and see the ‘SoleMan’! it’s the closest thing to a guarantee to improve your feet.

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