Voice caught up with professional instructor Sue Baynham-Evans to tell us more about the benefits of yoga at her classes, which are available in the Newport and surrounding areas throughout various days of the week.

“I started yoga when I was 18 and was fortunate to have Philip Jones, a pranayama and breath work expert, as a teacher,” Sue tells Voice.

“In 2005, I trained for three years as a yoga teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga. I have studied pranayama with Philip Xerri, and trained as a YFHLB (Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs) instructor, I run courses locally for people with intermittent lower back pain. I have also completed a course in Laughter Therapy with the United Mind Institute. My style of teaching has been infuenced by the Dru and Scarvelli Yoga styles.

“You don’t have to be flexible or fit to practise yoga, and I am mindful that people come to yoga as they find other forms of exercise too strenuous, or they have been advised to take up yoga by their doctor.

“Also, I know how in busy and hectic lives, it can be challenging to find space to slow down. In my classes I create a space where we can pause for a moment, focus on ourselves, and find extra balance. This helps us to enjoy the present moment and cope with the strains and stresses of modern day living.

“My classes consist of meditation, warm ups, then Asana (posture work) flowing and static, followed by restorative poses then relaxation – breathing is emphasised throughout.

“Primarily I teach Hatha Yoga to people of all ages and abilities, and the first comment from every pupil is ‘That was the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had!’ I run 12 classes a week, with specialist day and weekend retreats throughout the year, in Felinganol West Wales and Llangasty Retreat House on Llangorse Lake.

“I’m also on the committee in Wales for the British wheel of Yoga, helping to organise events, and the once-a-year Festival of Yoga of Wales.”

Sue’s classes are extremely popular with most of them being full, but due to her being in high-demand, she’s recently added a new class to her weekly schedule, which has room for new members – at the Woodland Centre in Cwmbran every Thursday morning from 9.45am to 11am. For more information about the services Sue provides, please visit her website where you’ll find many testimonials of the people she has instructed.

07894 741041