The autumn term is always very busy and full of great musical opportunities for Gwent Music students, and this one is no exception.

As well as rolling out new tuition to an expanding number of schools across South Wales, the service is already planning for another trip to the Royal Albert Hall that will include over 170 students.

This year the groups chosen to perform are Isca Linea Symphonia, which draws mainly from Newport string and percussion students, and Gwent Youth Jazz Orchestra, featuring some of the most talented senior musicians from across Blaenau Gwent, Torfaen, Newport and Monmouthshire.

Both groups were selected from the 40,000 young performers that came through the National Festival of Music for Youth series last term.

Isca Linea performs on Monday, November 13 and the Jazz on Tuesday 14.

Tickets for the performance are available from the Royal Albert Hall Box Office – Gwent Music will be running supporter’s coaches for anyone interested in attending this glittering event.

The other focus for the service is supporting the development of the new curriculum in schools. With the emphasis strongly on teachers being innovative and creative in the delivery of their lessons, musicians are being utilised to engage and inspire teachers and students alike.

Gwent Music currently delivers small group and individual tuition to over 8,000 children and adults, and in addition small and large scale projects that are focused on engagement and enjoyment through music. Along with developing our new parent billing system, which is helping to relieve the pressure on schools budgets and their admin teams, means that the term will be very busy!

Community learning
In addition to tuition and activities for children, a growing area for Gwent is adult community groups. They currently offer two Community Choirs based in Newport and Monmouthshire, a CommunityWind Band based in Rogerstone, and soon to be launched a Steel Pan group.

For more details and to sign up visit their website.

Music Centres & Ensemble Groups 2017-18
Whether you have just started playing, or you are an experienced musician, there is something for you at one of ourMusic Centres. All are staffed by experienced GwentMusic tutors and you could also be invited to join one of our ensembles as a result. Details of Music Centres and Ensembles are listed below along with the charges.

Further information can be found on our website:

What will it be like….?
• Children play in groups. It’s great extra practise and tutors make it fun and relaxed.

• There are groups for every level, from absolute beginners to advanced.

• The music is a great mix of classical, pop, folk, rock and world music. Something for everyone!

•We put on concerts and performances so family and friends can see and hear their children’s progress.

• It’s the beginning of a fabulous musical journey that may lead to  playing in some of our Ensemble groups who regularly win awards across the UK.

Your first session at Music Centre is free of charge as a taster session. Subsequent sessions will incur aMusic Centre charge (See below forMusic Centres & charges).

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