Welcome to Shauna’s Sweet Treats, a magical new confectionery shop that opened its doors to the public on Saturday, March 9.

It is the brainchild of Shauna Gilbert, a self-taught baker who took up cake making as a hobby to keep herself occupied during weekends.

“I felt like I was wasting my weekends not doing anything,” Shauna told Voice.

“I needed to find an activity where I could be creative and keep my mind busy. Everyone loves cake, so I decided to have a go at making them.

“I watched videos online and bought a couple of recipe books. I simply followed the instructions and went from there.

“I started with cupcakes, brownies and cheesecakes, then made my first celebratory cake for my niece. Everyone told me that my cakes tasted great and asked me, ‘when would I be making more?’.

“The business has snowballed from there really – I quickly got my level 2 and 3 food hygiene qualifications and began making my cakes from home to sell through social media.

“The natural progression was to open a store. Caerleon was a perfect choice, as it’s not too far from my home and because it’s an old Roman Fort, it has thousands of visitors a year from people from all over the world.

“I got the keys on December 20 of last year andspent the past two and a half months getting everything perfect.

“Since we’ve opened, the response has been incredible, selling almost 200 cupcakes a day, which is just insane.

“Everyone has their own individual favourite flavours, so it’s hard to say which is a best-seller. I’m a firm believer in variety being the spice of life, which is why there will always be something new to try.”

One of the main reasons why people keep coming back for more is the freshness and quality taste of her sweet treats, as cakes and bakes are made fresh from scratch every day in the morning, as her store opens just before lunch at 11.30am.

On display are a wide variety of flavoured cupcakes, brownies, blondies, cheesecakes, and macaroons, all of which are individually priced. Cupcakes start from as little as £2 each and all treats bought are safely packaged to be enjoyed at home or on the go.

If you are worried about any dietary requirements, all you need to do is ask, as Shauna always tries to offer an alternative to the traditional methods and ingredients of baking.

Also, in the window you’ll find three examples of her celebratory cakes, which can come in all shapes, flavours and sizes.

Celebratory cakes start from as little as £65 for a 10-inch fondant icing, sponge cake in a design of your choosing. This is where Shauna really gets to showcase her skills as a cake maker and decorator. She’ll have a go at making anything!

So, if you’re in the mood for a tasty treat this April or you’re looking for a celebratory cake that has the wow factor for a special loved one, why not pop in and discover the wonder that is Shauna’s Sweets and Treats?