Last August saw the first ever Weekend Rumble – a new live-music charity event that was created in memory of two young brothers who sadly took their own lives.

All proceeds for the event went directly to Newport MIND, which has for the last 40 years worked for the better mental health of people in Newport by providing a range of services.

Due to the huge success of its sell out show, The Weekend Rumble will return this summer on June 28th and 29th and promises to be bigger and better than the first.

Voice caught up with the event organisers Bobby, Ray and Shaun, as well as the sister of the two brother who took their own lives to find out more of what’s happening at this year’s Rumble. Here’s what they had to say:

The Weekend Rumble is back again for 2019, what made you want to do another?

Bobby - Firstly, the overwhelming success of last year’s event and the money’s raised. We pretty much had no option to run it again this year based on the fun and the feedback we had from the 2018 event. We also wanted to do it for the same reasons we did it in 2018, mental health awareness and suicide prevention. During the prep for 2018, and subsequently, we had a dawning realisation that mental health issues are pandemic and hidden within society. Since organising and running the 2018 Weekend Rumble, we had a lot of conversations with people affected by mental health issues, whether direct to themselves or family members/friends etc.   At last year’s Weekend Rumble, we realised that the event was helping people open up and talk about issues. This was something none of us were prepared for. Clearly, everyone had a great time and the bands, music, weather etc were fantastic- plus the location (Great House Farm) is phenomenal. So yes, 2019 is going to be bigger and better…

Was it always planned to be a yearly event or more of a one-off?

Ray - I guess we didn’t really plan it to be a recurring event. We just wanted to do something to raise money for Mind and try and pull all our friends together to help remind us just how important our friendships are.

What have you learned by putting on such an event?

Shaun - Besides the stuff previously mentioned, really to remember that we need to enjoy it and that small things will crop up, like they did last year, that we haven’t thought about. The good news is that everything went extremely well last year.

What are you doing different this time?

Bobby - having done it before, all the behind the scene stuff, insurance, security etc, has been organised already and this had made it easier to concentrate on the entertainment side of things and making sure people have a good time. Also, with every Weekend Rumble weekend ticket purchased there's a chance to win a 125cc scooter donated by Wildcat Scooters.

What were people’s reactions to the event?

Ray - While the weather helped we were amazed at the range of people that came. Old friends from all quarters but people who just wanted to go to a local festival- needless to say they became new friends. The vibe was incredible with a kind of underlying understanding that we were doing something for a purpose. I think everyone who came will tell you what a great atmosphere there was there for the whole weekend. If only we could bottle it…

Do you think this event has helped people come together and talk about their experiences with mental health problems in a positive way?

Bobby - I think it helped raise awareness across the participants, if not least by putting the Mind brand out there. I know Steve doesn’t mind me saying this, but Steve, Lou and Charlotte coming along was fantastic too. I know that it was the first time they’d been out as a family since Tom’s funeral and it was just so great to see them having such a great time: they’re great role models for how to cope with grief and give such great hope to all of us.

Last years’ event had a mix of musical influences, is that so you can cater for all tastes and not alienate anyone?

Shaun - Yes, but we also wanted to mix it up. The different styles of bands, Oasis, Punk, Rockability and even Elvis to name a few, were booked really to get people thinking about music and to make sure everyone had something to rock out to. We also had a bus load of DJs, including a couple of Goldie Lookin Chain, thumping out tunes in the various barns at the venue. The 2019 Weekend Rumble has even more variety as far as music is concerned.

What’s the band line-up for 2019?

Bobby - At the time of writing, quite a few of the bands have yet to confirm or be nailed down but we have mainly local bands- The Apple Tree Theory, Deathtraps, Peachfuzz, Vega Bodegas have all confirmed and we have about another 8 bands lined up yet to confirm. We'll be announcing bands right up to the end, as we did last year, as everyone wants to get involved due to supporting mental health.

How much money did you raise for Newport Mind and is the target bigger for this year?

Ray - Well over £6k which was great- yes the target is bigger this year but we are not telling you!

What sponsors do you have this year and how else can people support this very worthy cause?

Bobby - Too many to mention here but growing daily-they are on our webpage ( Pretty much everyone involved has sponsored us in some way, whether with donation of services (bands etc) or logistical help, materials or direct cash. We have some big hitters as far as direct donations, The Brogue Trader and Orchard Entertainment to name a few but a lot of local business have made direct donations too- every little helps. Businesses and individuals can donate either directly by contacting us at or Also, with every Weekend Rumble weekend ticket purchased there's a chance to win a 125cc scooter donated by Wildcat Scooters.  We are always looking for sponsors so please get in touch.  

I think the capacity was limited to around 300 people last year, are you going bigger this year?

Shaun - We smashed that last year so we have upped the capacity to 500 people- Tickets are selling fast so get yours at

Where else can people buy tickets?

Bobby - Tickets are available on line at or at Wildcat Scooters in Newport (01633 549545), Kriminal Records in Newport Market, Diverse Vinyl in Newport, Vale Skateboard Co in Cardiff. It's £20 for a whole weekend of fun on June 28th and 29th, bands DJs and entertainment, free camping and a chance to win 125cc scooter donated by Wildcat Scooters- all monies go direct to Newport Mind.