Action for Children Fostering Wales is calling all cakemakers to enter their Cake-Off Competition on March 15. An expert panel of judges will be on hand to taste your bakes, but if baking cakes is not your thing but eating them is, then come along too. There will be mouth-watering cakes, teas and coffees for sale and if you have children then there will be activities to keep them busy. For full details of the event and to register for the competition, call Action for Children on 01633 270422 or send an e-mail to

Information about the event will also be found on their Facebook page actionforchildrenfosteringwales

Voice got the chance to put a few questions to Matt Lewis, Children’s Services Manager with Action for Children Fostering Wales. 

How many years has the competition been going?

This will be the fifth year of our very successful Cake-Off competition.

What has been the most popular cake of the competition to date?

There have been so many that it’s an impossible question to answer. We’ve had amazing cakes both in terms of taste and decoration. I’m very partial to a carrot cake though! 

Are there separate categories for entrants?

Yes, there are. We have categories for adults, for teenagers and for children.

What’s the most popular choice of cake with the Action for Children team at Beechwood?

I don’t think the team has a favourite. The cake just needs to taste good! 

How much is it to enter?

Entry is free.

What is the date of the event and where will it be held?

It will be on Sunday, March 15. Take a look at our Action for Children Fostering Wales Facebook page for venue and times. 

Where does the money go that’s raised in your events?

We take our foster children and families for a fantastic day out. 

How many children are there currently in Wales that are in care?

There were 4,870 children living with foster families on March 31, 2019. This equates to 71% of the 6,845 children in care looked after away from home. There are approximately 3,700 foster families in Wales and the Fostering Network estimates that fostering services need to recruit a further 550 foster families in the next 12 months. 

How do these children get into this situation in the first place?

There are times when children and young people, whose families are having problems, need to live elsewhere. Foster parents give them a home during this time.

Why is it so important that these children get the care they deserve?

It’s vital because the children and young people we help have often had traumatic or difficult experiences to deal with, so it’s our job to find them a home where they can be looked after in a safe and caring environment.

How can people foster?

We make the application process clear and simple and we’ll answer any questions that a prospective foster parent may have. We also make sure they get the training they need to do a great job.

Do I need to own my own house?

Whether you own or rent it doesn’t matter. You only need to have a spare bedroom.

Do I need childcare qualifications?

No. Your own experience of nurturing/caring for children is what really matters, and we provide you with an excellent training and support programme to help you develop your skills further.

Am I too old?

Nearly half (44 per cent) of the nation thinks that you can’t be a foster parent over the age of 55. We don’t actually have any upper age limit. All we ask is that you have enough energy to look after lively children and young people. 

You are well known for your matching service with foster parents and children, what’s involved with this process?

It is crucial for us to find the right foster family for every child and young person and we work really hard to make sure the correct match happens. Each child or young person needs to be cared for by the right foster parent to meet their specific needs.

Finally, if someone is interested in becoming a foster parent how can they get in touch?

Please call us on 01633 270422 or e-mail You can also take a look at the work we do at or find us on Facebook at