Monmouthshire based renewable energy business Green Park Power, founded in 2011 in Abergavenny, are approaching their tenth year of delivering sustainable projects. Originally conceived by Andy Green, who “just wanted to do something” positive for the planet, Green Park Power is now well-established, award-winning, and can boast hundreds of projects, many thousands of solar panels, installed all over South Wales and beyond.

Over the decade solar panels have moved from a silver framed “talking point” to the sleek black arrays seen in most streets. In 2011 a solar array was seen as a “bit unusual”, today, not only are they far more acceptable, they can also increase the property “sell-ability” (ING Direct), and, by improving the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating, can boost the market price (DEFRA).

Solar PV remains a future technology, with solar being a unique means of producing low cost local energy from very low maintenance, robust, and reliable products. According to EST the average size of home installations has now increased to 4.2kWh (14 panels) simply because it is more affordable. Solar panels have dropped to a low price that now means they return the initial investment in around 10 years without the need for grants or government tariffs.

Green Park Power remains close to its local roots employing and training local staff, supporting apprenticeships, and generally giving something back to the local economy. Energy production at home is not just green, it is an essential part of a healthy local economy.

In order to really make the best use of the energy generated, energy storage is highly recommended. This could be by using a simple immersion controller to push spare energy production into your cylinder (like a hot water battery) to get free hot water for much of the year – for those with Combi systems this could be a pre-heat system using stored spare energy to reduce the work of your combi, saving lots of gas or oil. When energy storage is mentioned, often the first thought is “Batteries”, Green Park Power have been installing household batteries since 2013, and this is an increasingly common option, with Lithium Battery costs coming down (and useful life going up) significantly.

The latest arrival is the Tesla Powerwall II with a generous 13.5kWh usable capacity. This is the ultimate battery with off-grid back-up power for when power cuts strike and an intelligent use of cheap rate night-time electric – to supplement the solar panels during darker winter weeks.

Designing solar arrays and energy storage systems is complex – every home is unique, as are the home-owners energy demands. Green Park Power succeeds because; they are friendly and local, giving free advice with a no obligation survey/consultation, using quality products, and working with customers from first contact to finished product. 10-year (or longer) warranties are standard. Green Park Power can be contacted on 01873 269031 or, at their Abergavenny Train Station workshop (by arrangement).

01873 269031