THE coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll this year but there’s still festive fun to be had.

With the events and entertainment hit hard by the impact of the virus and regulations, many businesses have been hard at work adapting to the challenges presented by the current situation.

Lysaght Institute, on Orb Drive in Newport, is no exception with plenty of (safe) fun in store.

If you can’t bring your kids to the party why not bring the party to the kids?

This Sunday (December 13) Lysaght Institute will have a resident DJ entertaining between 10am to 12pm, bringing festive fun to the living room (or wherever your kids like to dance it out). This free event will be hosted live from Lysaght Institute’s Facebook account.

There are also Santa brunches and lunches on offer on Sunday December 20 and Tuesday December 22. These are between 10am and 4pm with prices starting at £19.50.

Plus, on Monday December 21 Santa Claus is coming to town for a (socially distanced) visit. This has been discounted to £2 per child for a visit and letter from Santa.


For those wanting to show their support for the venue - from the comfort of their own home - a Christmas family box will be available for a North Pole elf to deliver to your door up until Friday December 18.

The Christmas family box includes wine, cheese, crackers, hot chocolate, and more.

For more information about these events or offers – or to book tickets or order – find @Lysaght.Institute on Facebook or visit