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SCHOOL OF THE WEEK: Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Helyg

South Wales Argus:

12:08pm Friday 14th September 2018

In a modern purpose-built building is a school that teaches children to live fulfilling lives as responsible members of their communities. ANGHARAD WILLIAMS takes a tour of the outstandingly happy Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Helyg.

SCHOOL OF THE WEEK: Griffithstown Primary School

South Wales Argus:

12:40pm Thursday 6th September 2018

The new school year is under way, and there’s lots going on at Griffithstown Primary School in Pontypool. THOMAS MOODY popped in for a visit

SCHOOL OF THE WEEK: Talocher School

South Wales Argus:

11:02am Thursday 12th July 2018

TUCKED away in the hills above Monmouth is a charming school where pupils enjoy breath-taking surroundings, small, intimate classes and teachers committed to their students’ futures.

SCHOOL OF THE WEEK: Nant Celyn Primary School in Cwmbran

South Wales Argus:

12:03pm Thursday 5th July 2018

IN THE heart of a community is a school that is loved by pupils, staff and parents alike.

SCHOOL OF THE WEEK: St Joseph’s RC Primary School

South Wales Argus:

6:03am Thursday 31st May 2018

St Joseph’s RC Primary School is located in the heart of the Gwent valleys. Reporter TOMOS POVEY writes.

SCHOOL OF THE WEEK: St Albans RC High School

South Wales Argus:

12:27pm Thursday 10th May 2018

In the heart of Pontypool is a school that prides itself on its caring atmosphere but also a place that challenges its pupils. ANGHARAD WILLIAMS reports

School of the Week: George Street Primary School

South Wales Argus:

1:50pm Thursday 15th March 2018

At the heart of a community you’ll find a school that offers a welcoming and inclusive environment for learning.

SCHOOL OF THE WEEK: Ysgol Gymraeg Cwmbran

South Wales Argus:

7:55am Thursday 1st March 2018

WHEN travelling along Henllys Way, one of the road’s most recognisable landmarks is the three bears of Ysgol Gymraeg Cwmbran.

School of the Week: Caerleon Lodge Hill Primary

South Wales Argus:

9:02am Thursday 8th February 2018

CAERLEON Lodge Hill Primary School is celebrating continued success while looking ahead to a bright and prosperous future.

School of the Week: Usk Church in Wales Primary School

South Wales Argus:

10:05am Thursday 25th January 2018

Usk Church in Wales Primary School is a school that prides itself on developing the citizens of the future.

School of the Week: Undy Primary School

South Wales Argus:

4:24pm Thursday 25th January 2018

UNDY Primary School is one "big family" who want the best for their pupils.

School of the Week: Blaen-y-Cwm Primary School

South Wales Argus:

6:31am Thursday 7th December 2017

BLAEN-Y-CWM Primary School is a school which holds the voices of its pupils at the very core of its values.

Nominate your education heroes in our awards

South Wales Argus:

7:00pm Wednesday 6th December 2017

NOMINATIONS are coming in for our annual awards that recognise the amazing work done in education.

School of the Week: Kymin View Primary

South Wales Argus:

8:04am Thursday 30th November 2017

AS YOU walk into Kymin View Primary you are instantly surrounded by colourful displays, laughter and smiles.

SCHOOL OF THE WEEK: Libanus Primary School

South Wales Argus: Wednesday 15th November 2017Libanus Primary School Blackwood School of the Week

6:00am Thursday 16th November 2017

IN THE heart of Blackwood you’ll find a welcoming and inclusive school which prides itself on giving pupils the best start in life.

SCHOOL OF THE WEEK: Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Teyrnon

South Wales Argus:

2:43pm Thursday 9th November 2017

A city school with a village feel is what the staff at one of Gwent’s newest primary schools – Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Teyrnon.

SCHOOL OF THE WEEK: Ty Sign Primary School

South Wales Argus: (L-R) Isaac Willmore, Callum David Williams and Callie Jones coding with Lego to make a robot

3:02pm Thursday 19th October 2017

Behind the school gates lies a special place that offers a warm welcome and an energy that is infections.

School of the week: St Mary's RC Primary School

South Wales Argus: St Mary's RC Primary SOTW. Head teacher Donna Evans.

6:30am Thursday 5th October 2017

A NEWPORT primary school has proudly spoken of its Christian values and close links with the community.

School of the Week: Ysgol Bryn Derw

South Wales Argus: PROUD: Head teacher Richard Drew.

8:16pm Friday 22nd September 2017

A NEW school which has recently opened to cater for both primary and secondary school students.

School of the Week: Gaer Primary School

South Wales Argus: Gaer Primary School of the Week.  School Ambassadors Rhys Beynon 11 and Amelia Witkowska 11 on parking duties.

9:00am Thursday 20th July 2017

Gaer Primary School is settled near the bottom of the Gaer, one of the most densely populated wards in Newport.



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