HUNDREDS of people attended a mini festival on the weekend, to celebrate the “past, present and future of Newport”.

It followed 30 days of mysterious stickers and projections appearing throughout Newport by pro-uprising group RISE Propaganda.

More than 170 people queued up outside Newport Market to gain access to the gallery space for an evening featuring dancing, thumb wresting, escape rooms, games and more.

The event was a collaboration by RISE Propaganda, brewers Tiny Rebel, the Our Chartist Heritage organisation, and others.

A chartist workshop was launched in the gallery space as part of the event - a permanent venue for “rebels” to gather and discuss positive change.

It will officially open at 10am on July 14.

While Our Chartist Heritage announced a graphic novel - called Newport Rising - will be released in autumn. This will, it was said, reimagine the Chartist story for a new audience.

And the event also saw the launch of Tiny Rebel’s new 4.2 per cent RISE lager, with people pulling their own pints.

In a statement they said: “We wanted to brew a lager that is crisp and refreshing and somewhat familiar to everyone, but that’s brewed with love and care and hard work.

“It’s small, but it’s an act of rebellion in itself.”

RISE lager is now available on tap at all Tiny Rebel pubs.