A GROUP of school children from the Upper Rhymney Valley have been given £10,000 to retell the story of King Arthur in a short documentary film and play.

King Arthur is one of the legends that has ties throughout Wales, with some suggesting that the town of Camelot was where Caerleon now sits and that he was born in modern-day Carmarthen.

The pupils of Idris Davies Primary School will be teaming up with their father figures and male role models to bring the legend into the 21st century, at a time where they feel that our own kingdom is divided.

This will see the pupils and their role models step out of their comfort zone as the retelling will be done via a play and a short documentary film called ‘Camelot’.


The group will be pulling the story apart and reimagining it their own way. They have been tasked with thinking of who they want to become and what kind of Camelot would be built in Caerphilly now.

South Wales Argus:

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For the play, to be held at the school in July, they will be paired with experienced theatre professionals to bring the story to life in a dramatic way.

The film, to be screened in cinemas across the country as part of an inspiring collection commissioned by The Uncertain Kingdom, will plunge audiences into a child’s eye-view of the rich fantasy world onstage.

It will present a warm portrait of the honourable everyday life of the community and their father-figures - varied grown men on a modern-day quest to set a good example.

The projects were set up by director Alison Hargreaves as two separate, yet interlinked, pieces.

Funding has been granted by the Arts Council of Wales for the play and £10,000 has been granted by The Uncertain Kingdom towards the film.

The Uncertain Kingdom project sees 20 different groups given £10,000 of funding to create a short film covering a topic of choice and ranging from fictional and animation to documentary styles.

Despite the £10,000 grant given for the film, there is still more that needs to be raised by the group to cover through post-editing.



project has been set up and is nearing the end of the time limit.

They are hoping to raise £3,500 through the page and each donation over £25 comes with exclusive perks.