MORE than 4,000 parking tickets have been issued in Caerphilly County Borough since the council took over enforcement in April.

Caerphilly County Borough Council's Parking Enforcement Team have been out and about since the authority took over responsibility for parking enforcement on April 8.

Now the council has said the new enforcement regime - targeting areas identified as specific trouble-spots by residents - as well as upgrades to bus stops, have improved traffic flows throughout the county borough.

Dr Heather Duncan, headteacher at Lewis Girls Comprehensive School said: “Lewis Girls’ school have had particularly difficulties with cars parked dangerously on the turning circle outside school. We requested additional enforcement to help tackle the parking issues we face in and around the school and we are looking forward to working proactively with Caerphilly council to ensure safe access for our pupils."


Upgrades to bus stops across the county include new shelters, raised kerbs, flag and poles, timetable cases and repainting of the bus bays.

The council's deputy leader Cllr Sean Morgan said: “We have seen a huge improvement since we assumed responsibility for parking enforcement within the county.

"Resident safety is of paramount importance and by operating a coordinated approach to enforcement and undertaking physical works to improve bus stop facilities we are able to ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists alike, keep our highway network moving and improve public transport passengers experience.”

A spokesman for bus provider Stagecoach commented: “We have seen an improvement in areas that have caused us operational issues in the past. These are not totally eradicated but considerably better than in previous years.

"We are continuing to work with the council to suggest improvements in areas of concern. The improvements, coupled with proactive parking enforcement all contributes to keeping our buses moving freely.”

Residents can request enforcement at a particular location or report an illegally parked vehicle online at