IF YOU’VE ever wanted to explore locations such as the Forbidden Forrest, Diagon Alley or Hogwarts, a new geocaching adventure might just be for you.

An Abersychan-based Harry Potter fan, Cherry Stace, has set up a geocache themed on the books, set around Pontypool.

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunting game, usually using a GPS device or phone, where participants use coordinates to look for a hidden container, or geocache, at a specific location.


Miss Stace, 23, said she made the Facebook group ‘Wizarding World Wales’ to connect with other fans of the series in Gwent.

“I have not been able to find a group like this which is based in Wales," she said. “This was my attempt to reach out to other fans who live locally.

"I wanted to do Zoom quizzes and I quite like doing geocaching and treasure hunts and things that are interactive.”

Instead of getting the coordinates for the clues in the Geocaching app, they will instead be posted on the group’s Facebook page.

The location of each cache relates to something that happens in each chapter of the Harry Potter series.

South Wales Argus:

Cherry Stace setting up one of the Harry Potter themed geocaches. Picture: Cherry Stace.

At each cache, there is a log book where treasure hunters can leave their names, and they are also encouraged to take a trinket from the geocache, and leave one of their own there.

“The hint will be Harry Potter related,” said Miss Stace. “I post a clue three times a week on the Facebook page. The locations are related to anything that goes on in the chapter of the book.

“I’ve set up three so far but I’m planning to do one for every chapter in the Harry Potter books.

“The first seven will be in Pontypool, the next eight will be in Blaenavon, then the next chapters will be in Cwmbran, Newport and Abergavenny.

South Wales Argus:

Cherry Stace's plans for one of the Harry Potter themed geocaches. Picture: Cherry Stace.

“I’ve been planning where they will be and setting it up through lockdown. I’m loving it.

“It’s taken me two weeks for the first three as I’ve been figuring it out as I go.

“I’m hoping to make it trickier as it goes along.

“I’ve had a few comments asking why I didn’t put it on the geocaching app. There is not much around Pontypool for geocaching, it’s mostly in Cardiff. I wanted to make it more of a community thing.”

If you want to take part, visit the Wizarding World Wales Facebook page for clues on where to start.