FLAMES covering around 40 hectares - or 0.4 square kilometres - swept over farmland in Monmouthshire over the weekend.

St Arvans residents spotted the fire spreading across the fields near Grange Road in Rogerstone Grange at around 2pm on Sunday.

It is believed the fire may have been caused by power cables coming down across the field, a South Wales Fire and Rescue Service said.


David Finlay, 76, caught the fire on camera from his home.

"The flames got up to about 20ft high," he said.

"In the early afternoon, my next door neighbour shouted 'there's a fire in the field' which shook me a little bit.

"There was a large fire spread out across the whole field. It was racing across the field.

"There were six fire engines. They were there for about two hours."

A South Wales Fire and Rescue Service spokeswoman said: "At approximately 2pm on August 31 we received reports of a fire near Grange Road, Rogerstone Grange in St Arvans.

"Multiple crews attended the scene and were faced with a well-developed fire which had spread to 40 hectares of corn grassland.

"Firefighters worked to extinguish the fire and stop message was received 3.55pm."