A NUISANCE neighbour who repeatedly caused "upset and distress" to other residents on their street has been ordered to leave a house in Blackwood.

A Closure Order has been granted on a council-owned property in the Blackwood area due to anti-social behaviour, meaning no-one can access the building, including the tenant, until November 27.

The tenant had been scheduled for eviction in early April 2020, after "serious breaches of tenancy", but this was put on hold as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.


Despite this, the tenant and visitors to the property continued to cause upset and distress to other residents, the council said.

Officers from the Caerphilly County Borough Council’s Tenancy Enforcement Section worked in partnership with Gwent Police and local residents to make the application for the Closure Order.

It was granted at Newport Magistrates Court on Thursday, August 27, and came into effect at 11am on Friday, August 28.

The tenant is now being supported by the council.

Cllr Lisa Phipps, the council’s cabinet member for housing and property said: “I’d like to thank the residents who had the courage to work with us in successfully applying for this Closure Order. Their statements and evidence provided the Court with a true picture of the impact the behaviour from this property had on the lives of families in the area.

“Residents’ support in cases such as this is vital in helping us take action against those who commit anti-social and nuisance behaviour.”

The Tenancy Enforcement Section deals with incidents of anti-social behaviour or nuisance either experienced by council tenants or as a result of someone living in council property.

If residents are experiencing persistent or service incidents of anti-social behaviour or neighbour nuisance, contact the Tenancy Enforcement Section on 01443 811440 or by emailing tenancyenforcement@caerphilly.gov.uk