GWENT MS Mark Reckless has switched political allegiances yet again, joining a party dedicated to abolishing the Welsh Parliament.

The South Wales East MS, who was elected for Ukip in 2016 and later defected to the Conservatives, and then the Brexit Party, has announced he has joined the Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party.

Announcing the move, Mr Reckless said: “The Brexit Party has achieved its goal now that we are properly leaving the European Union.

"Before we wound up the Brexit Group in the Welsh Assembly (Senedd) we surveyed all the party’s registered supporters to ask what they wanted for the future. Two thirds of them wanted Abolish and an end to devolution.


"So, I am joining the Abolish The Assembly Party to help give those opposed to devolution a proper voice in Welsh politics.

"Devolution has until now only ever been one way, with more and more powers devolved. Now they are even enforcing a border with England. Next year we could see income tax rise just in Wales under new powers."

Mr Reckless was elected on Ukip's regional list in 2016, but left the party in April 2017 to join the Senedd's Conservative group. He left the group in April 2019, and the following month formed a new Brexit Party group in the Senedd, serving as the group's leader.

He also switched allegiances while serving as an MP. In 2010 he was elected as MP for Rochester and Strood as a Conservative, but defected to Ukip in September 2014, triggering a by-election.

He was re-elected that November, but lost his seat in the 2015 General Election.

There is no requirement for a by-election to be called when an MS changes party.

Mr Reckless becomes the second Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party MS, after South Wales Central MS Gareth Bennett joined the party in June.

The party's leader Richard Suchorzewski said: "This move by Mark in joining us, shows that Abolish means business. It also represents the end of an era for Welsh Brexiteers who have successfully accomplished what they originally set out to do. For them, their mission is over, for us, the journey has just begun."

He added: "2021 is going to be the most important Welsh election of a generation and having Mark join the team, with his vast experience, will be of great benefit to the party and the country as a whole."

The Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party has said it does not intend to change its name despite the Assembly being formally renamed the Welsh Parliament in May.