We've been asking our readers what they like about living in Newport and Gwent.

If you want to be part of it just go to www.southwalesargus.co.uk/mynewport and fill out the Q&A. If you live in a different part of Gwent answer the questions as if they were asked about your area, but tell us what that area is.

This week we meet Caitlin Skuse, 24, a supply teacher from Gaer in Newport.

South Wales Argus: Love Newport

Caitlin Skuse

How long have you lived in Newport?

All my life minus a few years of uni in Brighton.

What do you like most about living in Newport?

It's accessible, friendly, not too big and not too small.

Favourite place for a takeaway?

Shepherd’s in Maesglas because the cod and chips are glorious!


Dragons or County?

Both! But probably county because it brings more business.

Best memory of your time living here?

It’s difficult to have just one when you’ve lived here your whole life!

Favourite Newport pub?

The Ridgeway. No specific reason - just love it.

What one thing that has gone do you miss the most?

Debenhams and having the clock in John Frost Square.

Favourite building in the city and why did you choose this particular one?

The Transporter Bridge or the clock that used to be in John Frost Square for obvious reasons.

South Wales Argus: NEWPORT PENDRE 29.04.04.The clock, John Frost Square.

The old clock at John Frost Square

Favourite place to grab a coffee or tea?

Ridgeway cafe. It's the only place open at the moment. In normal times I enjoy Coffee #1 in John Frost Square. I especially love the bookshelf decor.

South Wales Argus:

The Ridgeway, Newport

Where would you go for a special meal?

The Drago Lounge in Friars Walk because it makes me happy.

Best place for a walk?

Ridgeway/Allt-yr-Yn nature reserve. I love walking down the old road to nature reserve and then along the canal.

If you had a magic wand what one wish would you grant Newport?

More funding especially for the town centre.

Three places anyone visiting the city should make the effort to go?

Caerleon - beautiful and for our Roman history. Ridgeway - the views and coffee. Town - let’s pump money into our town!

South Wales Argus:

This idyllic spot in Newport taken by Sally Cooper is right next to the M4

Choose one thing Newport should be really proud about?

Its community spirit and camaraderie.

Three words which sum up Newport for you

No place like home.