FANS of new Wrexham AFC co-owner Rob McElhenney will have noticed a pretty big nod to his new football club during an episode of his new TV series.

During an episode of Mythic Quest – a comedy show streamed on Apple TV+ - Mr McElhenney held up a familiar looking logo in the form of a shield.

The 44-year-old stars in the series – which he also co-created – as Ian Grimm, a creative director working at a video game studio that produces the popular Mythic Quest game.

During a special one-off episode, titled Everlight, the characters end up in a mystical forest during a game when the studio staff return to their office for their annual Everlight party.


It was here that Mr McElhenney’s character uses a shield featuring the crest of his Wrexham-based club.

Fans were quick to share their excitement on social media when they spotted the iconic logo featured in the show that may have been missed by non-Wrexham fans.

The American actor recently become co-owner of the local team alongside fellow A-lister Ryan Reynolds back in February when the deal was signed on the dotted line.