SEVEN-YEAR-OLD Elsie Evans, of Bettws, Newport, has proved she is a real charity champion.

The Millbrook Primary School pupil decided she wanted to do what she could to help raise money for her local foodbank.

Elsie said: "I set myself a challenge of running, walking and cycling 50km in the month of February and set up a Facebook fundraiser via my mum to raise money for the local food bank Raven House Trust.

South Wales Argus: Running through the park.

South Wales Argus: Running along the Bettws brook.

"I wanted to be able to raise some money to help other children who might be struggling for food.

"I started out with the aim to raise £50 but managed to raise an amazing £405 in total."


Elsie completed her challenge with the help of her mum Emma, dad Michael and brother, two-year-old Archie, running, walking and cycling alongside her.

She said: "I passed my target of 50km with a week to go so pushed myself further to reach 70km and finished at the end of the month completing 73.7km in total."

South Wales Argus: Cycling down the canal.

South Wales Argus: Completing my challenge.

Elsie's mum Emma said: "“We are super proud of her. She’s got such a kind and loving heart, she’s an inspiration to us all!

"When she said that she wanted to do something to raise some money and the reason why we thought what an amazing thing to do. We chatted together to decide what to do and supported her every step of the way."

Mrs Evans said: "Elsie has no plans at the moment for further fundraising but she has said that she’d like to do some running races and Park Runs when they’re back up and running."