A NEWPORT mum is encouraging people to "donate" her book to children in need.

Earlier this year, Newport mother-of-two and teaching assistant Jodie M Greenslade published her first book about mental health awareness, aimed at children between four and eight years old.

The self-published book, It’s OK, aims to help youngsters understand their feelings with a focus of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic - within a week of it being published 100 copies were sold.

Ms Greenslade is now inviting people to 'donate' a copy - to be bought at a discounted price of £5 - with each one to be donated to Year One pupils at primary schools in Newport.

She plans to start with Malpas Church Primary School, in Yewberry Close, but hopes the scheme will prove popular and benefit schools throughout the city.

Ms Greenslade said: “The money donated covers the printing of the book and all postage costs from printer and to the schools.


“Each time I reach 30 copies donated, I will provide local schools with them, and this will be shared on their websites and social media accounts.

“There is no profit to me as the author. This book has helped so many children and I believe so many more can benefit from this book.

“I cannot afford to fund this alone but, with the help of the public, I believe I can get copies to many children who need it most."

“Feel free to recommend schools and - if you can - please buy and donate a copy; it will help so many children during the trickiest time they’ve ever known.”

To donate a book, visit www.jodiemgreensladeauthor.com/product-page/donate-a-book