VOLUNTEERS in Lliswerry have out out an appeal are appealing for a storage area so that they can keep flood defence equipment nearby and get extra funding to better protect the area.

Lliswerry Flood Prevention Group is made up of volunteers who patrol the area and report anything that poses a risk to Newport City Council, National Resources Wales (NRW) and Welsh Water.

However, the group want to take a more active role and is appealing to any businesses in the area if they have room for a shipping container that can be used to house equipment such as sandbags and water pumps.

The group needs to be able to secure a space for equipment before they can get funding to buy the equipment.

Andrew Sterry, one of the founders of the group, said: “Now that we have been running for four years - apart from the pandemic - we think our next step is to try and add some measures to combat any flooding in the area.

“I've already put up a post on Facebook asking if any residents would volunteer to be part of the task force and received positive feedback. 

“If we can find somewhere to base the unit, then we can apply for funding, a trailer, sand bags, water pumps and the safety gear.

“Then in the extreme cases of any homes at risk of flooding we can assist and try to prevent these homes from flooding.

“Or, in the worse cases, help with the clean-up.”

Lliswerry Flood Prevention Group were set up in 2017 after NRW explained to residents the previous year that the area is at risk of flooding and appealed to residents to set up a prevention group.

Mr Sterry, along with James Peterson, set up the group and hold quarterly meetings with residents, the council, NRW and other associated organisations.


To date, the group has raised 57 cases that pose potential risks and has reported 179 abandoned shopping trolleys.

There are 83 members of the group on Facebook, though not all of them go out on patrols.

To get in touch with the group, message Lliswerry Ward Matters on Facebook or try and directly join Lliswerry Flood Prevention Group, also on Facebook.