WITH the exit of Debenhams from Friars Walk, Newport city centre has been left with a large empty space.

We asked you what you would like to see take the place of Debenhams in Friars Walk.

And we received more than 600 responses.


Here are some of our readers' most popular suggestions:

  • Kath Cartwright said: "Anything would be great rather than seeing an empty store that size in town. M&S back on the high street would be great, not everyone can get to spytty park."
  • James English said: "In all honesty, I think Newport should give us something different…. They’re sandwiched between Cardiff and Bristol offering all the high street stores and department stores, look at Abergavenny and Crickhowell offering independent traders with decent rental properties for traders…. Give them to start up businesses offering artisan shops…offering a totally bespoke individual experience that Cardiff and Bristol aren’t offering and then you’ve got something that puts Newport on the map."
  • Sabrina Price said: "It would be great if it was broken down into smaller independent businesses."
  • Sarah Williams said: "Regardless of what people say about Primark, that's where shoppers want to spend their money. The company is big enough to afford the rent and fill the unit. There will be a continuous flow of customers that will make the store a success. The increased footfall will encourage other companies to relocate to Newport."
  • Phillip Hunt said: "Ice skating rink, with arcade and swimming pools, for families."
  • Emma Bradley said: "Soft play? Skate park? Trampolines? Karting? It needs to be fun and inviting and no more coffee shops, get kids out and having fun."
  • Lisa Needham said: "A massive entertainment venue. Big concerts, big exhibitions, night classes, and a big fat bar."

What do you think would make a good replacement?