A CAMPAIGN is being mounted to add a penis to the dragon on the Welsh flag.

More than 300 people signed an official Welsh parliment petition to give the red dragon a little extra underneath on flags flying on public buildings. The petition is called 'Demand that all depictions of our dragon have a penis.'

Supporters are hopeful of success - citing how the Royal Mint added a penis to their Welsh dragon on millions of coins.

Coin artists at the Royal Mint based in Llantrisant, near Cardiff, put the added extra value to the dragon on £1 and £20 coins.

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Now proud supporters want every red dragon on the Welsh flag to get one too - even though it is a mythical creature.

Under Senedd rules, any petition with more than 50 backers has to be discussed by the official Petition's Committee.

Artist Rhŷn Williams created the online petition after researching ancient depictions of the rampant Welsh dragon with full tackle.

His petition argues that by depicting Welsh dragons ‘standing proud’, it helps the nation to ‘portray dominance and leadership’.

It reads: "When the Royal Mint depict our dragon, they recognise that he has a penis.

"But for some reason, our government does not, and although some may find the topic amusing, this imagery is important if we are to carry on flying it for centuries to come."

He posted a link to the petition on his Facebook page saying: “Who the hell knows why the poor sod was turned into an eunuch, it could be down to obscenity, it could be down to forgetting to include it, or it could be down to politics, where those responsible for producing the flags removed it to symbolise Wales’ role within the British kingdom.

"This confusion has bewildered many artists, poets, songwriters and authors alike for centuries by mistaking his sex.

"But what we do know is that the penis is still being added via royal imagery so this should convince the Welsh government to add a penis to our flag?"

The next milestone for his petition needs 10,000 backers needed before it’s considered for a full debate in the Senedd in Cardiff Bay.

But included among the reasons for civil servants to reject a petition is if it is deemed to be "a joke, an advert or nonsense" - or pass it on to the four-strong Petitions Committee chaired by Labour's Jack Sergeant.


One supporter said: "St George may have tried to slay a dragon with a sword - but we all known the penis mightier than the sword."

Another wrote: "You have to get it all in proportion. You don't want it dragging around and get in trouble with the boys in blue."

The Royal Mint say the latest £20 dragon coin including the extra undercarriage came from a design supplied by the College of Arms.

A spokeswoman said: "The Welsh dragon is an enduring symbol of Wales and this coin is designed to celebrate the spirit of its people."

You can read the petition here.