AIRCRAFT belonging to the United States Navy have again been spotted coming in to land at Cardiff Airport, according to reports.

Earlier this week (Monday, September 13), two US Navy Lockheed C-130 Hercules were spotted on radar, having travelled up from southern parts of Europe.

Both aircraft, which were travelling with the callsigns of RAIDR51 and RAIDR52 came in to land at Cardiff Airport, mid-afternoon on Monday.

The first of the two, which departed from Chania International Airport in Crete, Grecce, touched down in the Welsh capital at around 4.30pm.

Minutes later, the second aircraft followed.

It is believed that this too came in from Crete, though flight radar only began tracking this aircraft from a beacon in Pomezia – a district of Rome, Italy.

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At this time, it is not known why the US Navy are operating aircraft into Wales.

However, there is some speculation that it may be related to a large scale military operation which is currently ongoing off the coast of Scotland.

Exercise Strike Warrior, a twice-yearly massive, multi-agency training exercise, is thought to have commenced in recent days.

According to the Royal Navy, it involves the British Armed forces, NATO, and allied forces.

The war exercise involves warships, aircraft, marines and troops.

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In recent days, the local area has seen a flurry of military activity in anticipation of this event.

Along with the US Navy aircraft, two Royal Air Force Lockheed C-130 Hercules also landed at Cardiff Airport briefly yesterday, making a return trip to Leuchars Station near the Scottish town of St Andrews.

What’s more, an Army Air Corps Apache helicopter landed at Cardiff that same day, having travelled in from the Hereford region.

Departing a short while later, it disappeared from radar near to Newport, before later resurfacing over Perth, Scotland.

Days earlier, NATO warships were seen just off the coast of Penarth, on their way to Cardiff docks.

Ships carrying European and NATO flags were seen heading in to the docks – again, thought to be related to the military exercise.

Indeed, between September 1-17, Gwent is subject to a low flying warning for military aircraft during the night time.

While this level of military activity is slightly unusual, it is by no means the first of its kind in recent times.

Last month, a US Navy Lockheed C-130 Hercules came in to land in the Welsh capital as part of a training exercise.

This operation saw the aircraft land in Wales having left the USA, before carrying on to Chania International Airport.

It would then return to Cardiff on the return leg of its trip.

The Argus has contacted the US Navy, and Cardiff Airport for comment.