A CHEPSTOW artist is determined to make an unloved underpass into a more colourful welcome to Wales.

Toby Garratt has, for the past three weeks, been adding a splash of colour to the tunnel underneath the M48 as it joins the Severn Bridge.

The route has been disused by traffic for some time and had become notorious for used needles and broken glass.

It is also the route into the town often used by cyclists and runners crossing from the English side of the bridge.

It also forms part of the National Cycle Route.

South Wales Argus:

Toby Garratt with his ongoing rainbow work. Picture: Ollie Barnes

As a result, Mr Garratt decided that the welcome to Chepstow could be better.

He tasked himself with painting a series of large colourful murals on the inside of the tunnel.


He has also been joined by other artists including T Rex and Ryder, Acerone and Tanith Goulde.

"The Parkrun finishes here," he said. "I've been painting for three weeks already, at night and at weekends.

"I’m really pleased to be doing it, although it’s very windy down there and I’m running on fumes.

"It’s worth it though."

So far Mr Garratt has paid for the paints and materials he has been using out of his own pocket.

However, a fundraiser on JustGiving has been set up to help cover the cost.

So far, it sits at 85 per cent of its £900 target, with new donations coming in all the time.

"I just want to make it as nice a place as possible," Mr Garratt said.

South Wales Argus:

The underpass in Chepstow before Mr Garratt got to work

However, it has not all been plain sailing.

Mr Garratt's work was defaced by a group of youths who had stolen some of his spray cans.

Mr Garratt holds no ill will towards the group though, branding them "six kids with misguided energy".

The murals have since been repainted, but he said that he just wants to be left to continue sprucing up the tunnel.

"I just want to carry on painting," he said.

"I’m knackered and can do without it."

Mr Garratt's progress can be tracked through his Instagram page - @TobyPink

To donate towards covering the cost of paint and materials, visit justgiving.com/crowdfunding/paintthetunnel