THE site of Capital Valley Plastics in Blaenavon - which was gutted by fire last month - is being demolished.

The plastics building at Kay and Kears industrial estate was destroyed when a fire began at around 9.45pm on September 4.

Firefighters tackled the blaze for hours before finally putting it out at around 12.30pm on September 5.

More than 60 firefighters, 14 appliances and seven officers took part in fighting the fire.

Residents were advised at the time to keep their windows closed and avoid breathing in any of the harmful smoke.

Since the fire, the remaining parts of the building are unsalvageable so it has been scheduled for demolition.

Jason Kennedy, 56, has taken on the job, and said it will take five weeks to completely demolish the factory.

He has been working in demolition for 25 years.

Mr Kennedy said: "When we got here it was a busted and tangled mess.

"But it's nothing that we haven't dealt with before.

"Hopefully we can get this demolition sorted as soon as possible so Capital Valley Plastics can get back to business."

Mr Kennedy's company, J. Kennedy Demolition Ltd has been clearing the site for one week already.

Within the ruins lie wrecked equipment, such as forklifts and machinery.

The ground is littered with small discs of plastic, the recent rainfall scattering them into pools.

Large quantities of rubble and metal have been collected into piles across the site.

Diggers are working on sweeping aside all of the leftover rubble before the larger wreck of the building can be tackled.

The fire was so severe that it caused Capital Valley Plastics to temporarily suspend a recycling project that began in 2019.

The project involved taking stretchy plastics that would normally be sent to a landfill, such as bubble wrap and plastic bags, and recycling them into products used in the building industry.

Approximately 26 tons of plastic have been recycled since the project began in 2019.