It has been a cold, and frosty start to the morning for many people in Newport this morning.

Parts of the region awoke to icy conditions, with the Met Office putting a yellow weather warning in place for ice – with the warning covering the entire region, and much of Wales.

But, while that warning is expected to thaw out by 10am today (Thursday, December 2), it is still set to be a bitterly cold day.

Nationwide, there are predictions of particularly wintery showers, and combined with low temperatures, it leaves little doubt that winter has arrived.

That being said, Newport and the surrounding areas look set to avoid the worst of it today.

For the most part, the region should avoid the rain, which is a big plus.

The forecast shows that in Newport, rain looks likely to be avoided until around 11pm tonight.

It looks set to be a similar story elsewhere in Gwent too.

But, it is not all good news, as it is set to be a unpleasant day, in terms of temperatures.

While the sun looks set to shine in early afternoon, it is expected that temperatures will peak at around 6C.

With a little breeze on top, it will certainly feel quite sharp out and about.

Below, you can check out an hour-by-hour forecast for Newport and the surrounding areas.

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Hour-by-hour weather for Newport

9am – Sunny day, 4C

10am  – Sunny day, 5C

11am  – Sunny day, 5C

12pm – Sunny day, 6C

1pm – Sunny day, 6C

2pm – Sunny day, 6C

3pm – Sunny day, 5C

4pm – Clear night, 4C

5pm – Clear night, 3C

6pm – Partly cloudy, 3C

7pm – Partly cloudy, 3C

8pm – Cloudy, 3C

9pm – Cloudy, 3C

10pm – Cloudy, 3C

11pm – Light rain, 4C

Hour-by-hour weather for Gwent

9am – Sunny, 2C

10am – Sunny, 3C

11am – Sunny, 3C

12pm – Sunny, 4C

1pm – Sunny, 4C

2pm – Sunny, 4C

3pm – Sunny, 4C

4pm – Clear night, 3C

5pm – Partly cloudy, 2C

6pm – Cloudy, 2C

7pm – Cloudy, 1C

8pm – Cloudy, 2C

9pm – Cloudy, 2C

10pm – Cloudy, 2C

11pm – Light rain, 2C

Hour-by-hour weather for Monmouthshire

10am – Sunny, 4C

11am – Sunny, 5C

12pm – Sunny, 5C

1pm – Sunny, 6C

2pm – Sunny, 6C

3pm – Sunny, 5C

4pm – Clear night, 1C

5pm – Clear night, 0C

6pm – Partly cloudy, 1C

7pm – Partly cloudy, 1C

8pm – Cloudy, 2C

9pm – Cloudy, 2C

10pm – Cloudy, 3C

11pm – Light rain, 3C