NEW data has revealed the crime hotspots throughout Newport during the past year (2021).

The statistics, from come from more than three million crime reports made nationally between March and August of 2021. is the site for open data about crime and policing.

With areas with high populations such as Newport, the data is broken down into LSOAs, rather than simply neighourhoods or wards.

LSOAs (Lower-layer Super Output Areas) are small areas designed to be of a similar population size, with an average of approximately 1,500 residents or 650 households.


Check the interactive map below to discover how your area fares in relation to a number of different offence records.

The LSOA of Stow Hill 3, ranking top in many of the data sets below, is the area of the city centre which features Friars Walk, Kingsway, much of Commercial Street and the riverside area.


Another example is Stow Hill 1, which includes areas such as Baneswell, Newport Railway Station and Cambrian Road.

More information on each LSOA is available at