THE reopening of Newport Market is now just one week away, and anticipation levels have reached an all-time high.

While the market hasn’t been closed for that long – all things considered, the transformation has left it looking unrecognisable.

Millions of pounds have been spent by developers LoftCo, with one goal in mind – making Newport Market a go-to destination for visitors to the city.

In recent years, the Victorian-era style of market has fallen out of favour, and it is hoped that the project, which has turned the High Street venue into a mixed use retail, dining, lifestyle, office and events space, will be a success.

But ultimately, proof will be in the pudding, and time will tell once the market opens to the public for business from next Saturday (March 19).

South Wales Argus: The finishing touches are being put on the developmentThe finishing touches are being put on the development

And, speaking of pudding, the food and drink businesses moving into the market’s food court are one of the most exciting features of the new and hopefully-improved market.

Of course, this isn’t the only exciting feature to be found inside Newport Market.

While we can’t list each and every one of them, you can check out five of the aspects that we’re looking forward to, below.

Newport Market: Five things to look forward to

The food court

It might say a lot about us that we’re thinking about the food and drink on offer first and foremost.

But, looking at the line-up at the market’s food court, you can hardly blame us.

South Wales Argus: An artist impression of the food courtAn artist impression of the food court

The market is set to welcome a number of vendors offering foods from across the globe – Italy, the Mediterranean and East Asia to name just a few.

Closer to home, South Wales businesses including The Cheesecake Guy are set to call the market home.

Everything you need to know can be found here.


While the market building itself is pretty unrecognisable, the original purpose of the building has not been forgotten.

On the ground floor, there are a number of retailers moving in to the site, selling all kinds of products.

These range from houseplants, to pet products, and from comics to candles.

What’s more, all of the businesses are independents – so no giving money to faceless corporations.

Familiar faces

Perhaps understandably, not everyone was happy to see the old market go.

After all, there is such thing as comfort in familiarity.

Anyone who feels that way will be pleased to see a few friendly faces returning.

These include Friendly Neighbourhood Comics and City Treasures, two Newport businesses who got their start in the old market building.

Did somebody say yoga?

On the upstairs mezzanine level, there is currently three tenants – Tramsheds Tech, who are offering co-working office space, a bar, and a wellness studio.

This purpose built facility has been designed to be hired out by fitness classes.

Examples include yoga and Pilates.

And, with the new city centre leisure centre a few years away from being up and running yet, it seems likely that this space will be a smash hit.

There is also set to be a gym on the ground floor, with limited information regarding this at this stage.

Comedy, music, weddings and more

One of the things that sets the market redevelopment apart from its predecessor – in theory, is that it is open to all.

There is dedicated events space that can be hired out for all manner of events and activities.

This includes being licenced to host weddings.

While it remains to be seen how many people will be looking to tie the knot here, there is already an appetite for comedy nights and live music, with the market events calendar already showing the next few months to be busy.

What are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below.