NO NEW residents are being admitted to a care home in Cwmbran where a number of concerns have been raised over care.

The Argus has reported on numerous concerns regarding Llanyravon Care Home in Llanfrachfa Way over the past couple of weeks, including one resident who died 16 days after falling out of bed.

And now Torfaen Council has announced no new residents are being admitted "at this point".

But a number of other questions we put to the council went unanswered.

What we asked Torfaen Council about Llanyravon Care Home

  • Is Torfaen council still referring patients to Llanyrafon Court Nursing Home?
  • Is there an investigation into the care at Llanyrafon Court Nursing Home by Torfaen council?
  • Did Torfaen council commence a Protection of Vulnerable Adults (POVA) investigation into Llanyrafon Court Nursing Home?
  • If not, why not?
  • If so, has any immediate action been taken by the POVA team to safeguard any vulnerable adults at Llanyrafon Court Nursing Home?
  • Have any strategy meetings been held by the POVA team and other agencies regarding Llanyrafon Court Nursing Home?
  • Have the POVA team involved any outside agencies in their investigations, i.e.. the police?
  • We request a full statement from the Director of Social Services at Torfaen Council on this issue.

What the council said

Torfaen’s director of social care and housing, Jason O’Brien, said: “The council is aware of the circumstances being reported at Llanyrafon Court Nursing Home.

“We are working closely with the provider to ensure that all residents living at the home are safe and well supported.

“Social care staff have visited the home and have spoken directly with existing residents.

“We will continue to support the home in making improvements and keep arrangements under regular review.

“At this point there are no plans for the council to admit any new residents to the home".

The council did not answer questions regarding whether an investigation into care at the home was being carried out, or those regarding a POVA investigation.

What concerns have been raised about the home?

The Argus has reported multiple stories of residents and thier families concerned about the standard of care at the home. 

Among them is the story of 90-year-old Patricia Parfitt, who fell out of bed while trying to reach the toilet buzzer and broke both her legs – she died 16 days later. She was reportedly ringing the toilet buzzer for nearly two hours.

South Wales Argus: Mrs Parfitt's broken legs picture: Kathryn RimmerMrs Parfitt's broken legs picture: Kathryn Rimmer (Image: Kathryn Rimmer)

Mrs Parfitt's broken legs picture: Kathryn Rimmer

Other concerns about the care home reported by the Argus include one resident saying they ‘were frightened', one woman developed open ulcerated sores on her legs and the worrying standard of food and care.

South Wales Argus: Open ulcerated sores on one woman's legOpen ulcerated sores on one woman's leg (Image: Anonymous)

Open ulcerated sores on one woman's leg

The home, run by provider Golden Care has been ordered to take action to improve issues around cleanliness, kitchen hygiene, and staffing levels, as well as medication management, and governance systems and processes, by the end of October.

The home has a food hygiene rating of one.