A BLUEBELL wood which was due to go under the hammer this week has been given a stay of execution.

A group of around 10 placard waving people representing Llanbradach Village Bluebell Wood Preservation group protested outside the offices of Paul Fosh Auctions in Newport on Monday morning, ahead of the online auction of the beauty spot.

Last year people in Llanbradach were horrified when a developer began digging up part of the much-loved woodland, it was later confirmed the work had not been given consent.

South Wales Argus: Protestors outside Paul Fosh auctions Protestors outside Paul Fosh auctions (Image: Alison Stallard)

Protestors outside Paul Fosh auctions. Picture: Alison Stallard

After the protest the auctioneers agreed to withdraw the woodland from the auction - but stressed it could go under the hammer in March.

Protestor Alison Stallard said: “The local authority has already put an order on the land to be reinstated, following the terrible destruction that took place last summer, but this has not been done and has not been added to the auction house listing.

South Wales Argus: Destruction caused to the woodland Destruction caused to the woodland (Image: Alison Stallard)

Destruction caused to the woodland. Picture: Alison Stallard

“Feelings are running very high as it does feel like the current owner is trying to offload the land without rectifying the issue.”

The community is banding together in a bid to save the beauty spot from being developed, to ensure the land is preserved for future generations a GoFundMe has been launched.

South Wales Argus: Vanda Hodgson, Mark Lisak and Alison Stallard fighting to save their woodlandVanda Hodgson, Mark Lisak and Alison Stallard fighting to save their woodland (Image: Alison Stallard)

Vanda Hodgson, Mark Lisak and Alison Stallard fighting to save their woodland. Picture: Alison Stallard

The minimum opening bid asked for the land is £135,000, around £9,500 has been raised since the GoFundMe appeal.

Plaid Cymru Councillor Colin Mann, who was part of the group of protestors, said he was concerned the information about the council order was not included in the auction information.

“There is no legal access from Pandy Road onto the land because Welsh Water have made it quite clear that they won’t allow it," he said.

“Also, if someone goes ahead and buys this land the ruling from Caerphilly CBC planners is that the purchaser has to restore the land to its original condition. 

South Wales Argus: The popular beauty spotThe popular beauty spot (Image: Alison Stallard)

The popular beauty spot. Picture: Alison Stallard

“The council also has a right to restore the land and charge the owner if appropriate action is not taken.”

“If the land isn’t sold then we would like a reasonable opportunity of at least three months to try and raise the money to buy the land on behalf of the community.”

A spokesperson for Paul Fosh Auctions said an offer had been made to the group to buy the land.

They said: “Some locals have their ashes there and things have been done without much discussion with the locals, I sympathise with them.

“We found the legal pact wasn’t complete and we withdrew it Monday afternoon.

“We know the local residents want to buy it – so I have made an offer for them to buy it, if they don’t buy it then it will be up for sale in the March auction.

“This will have a complete legal pact and people will be in full knowledge of what is there.”