VISITORS to Chepstow wanting to catch a glimpse of the now-infamous Baked Potato sculpture on the town's riverbank can now take home a memento.

The art installation, placed in Chepstow to commemorate 10 years of the Wales coastal path, has received widespread derision after it was pointed out that it resembled a "giant baked potato".

Local crafters have been hard at work creating baked potato-themed merchandise which is being sold at an independent shop on the high street.

Hayley Miles runs Pig and Pip, a shop selling handmade crafts and children's clothes in the centre of Chepstow.

South Wales Argus: Laura Kelly and Hayley Miles at Pig and Pip

She said that she had noticed a "buzz" around the Chepstow Baked Potato and that had given her an idea.

"It's been fun to see people's reactions to the potato," she said.

"I thought it would be worth asking my team of crafters if they'd like to create some souvenirs for the potato hunters.

South Wales Argus: Chepstow Baked Potato merchandise

"It’s done in a playful way. It’s quite funny.

"Anything that brings attention to Chepstow is a good thing. It has given the crafters some inspiration."

Mugs, coasters, magnets and postcards featuring the potato are all available at Pig and Pip - as well as worry drops, which the creation of local crafter Laura Kelly who says they are flying off the shelves at £1 each.

South Wales Argus: Chepstow Baked Potato magnets

Worry drops, also available in non-baked potato form, are small handmade soft toys which, Ms Kelly says, you can share your worries and feelings with.

South Wales Argus: Worry drops based on the baked potato

"We've sold hundreds," she said.

Currently, around 50 crafters have their work for sale at Pig and Pip – most from the local area and some from slightly further afield.

"They each rent a shelf which covers my overheads," Ms Miles said.

"We've been open for about 16 months, since November 2021.

South Wales Argus: Chepstow Baked Potato with magnet

"We’re growing year on year and we’ve recently been nominated for the best retailer in the Torfaen and Monmouthshire Business Awards.

"Word is spreading."

How much did the Chepstow Baked Potato cost?

South Wales Argus:

The sculpture was unveiled as part of celebrations marking the 10th anniversary of the Wales Coast Path on Monday, March 27.

Monmouthshire County Council has revealed that the Chepstow Baked Potato set them back £6,000.

If we take a normal-sized baked potato to cost around £5, that equates to a veritable banquet of 1,200 baked potatoes.