Flight cancellations are continuing today affecting people across Gwent flying from Cardiff and Bristol airports.

Airports across the UK and travel agents are warning of ‘significant disruption’ today despite the air traffic control glitch being fixed leaving thousands of people affected.

A spokesperson from Bristol airport said, ‘customers can expect ongoing flight disruption today.’

Currently at Bristol airport three departing flights, all easyJet, have been cancelled today these are:

Flight: EZY 2723 to Alicante

Flight: EZY 2831 to Venice Municipal

Flight: EZY 245 to Inverness

Two flights, both Jet2, due to depart today from Bristol have been delayed until tomorrow, 30 August these are:

Flight: LS 1847 to Kos

Flight: LS 1831 to Heraiklion

South Wales Argus: Jet2 flights departing and arriving to and from Bristol have been delayed Jet2 flights departing and arriving to and from Bristol have been delayed (Image: Archive)

Arrivals at Bristol airport have also been affected. Currently four arrivals, all EasyJet, due to land today have been cancelled these are:

Flight: EZY 224 from Belfast International

Flight: EZY 202 from Glasgow

Flight: EZY 2922 from Amsterdam

Flight EZY 246 from Inverness

Two flights, both Jet2, due to land at Bristol Airport today have been delayed until tomorrow, 30 August. These are:

Flight: LS 1848 from Kos

Flight: LS 1832 from Heraiklion

Changes to flights are happening throughout the day and those travelling are ‘advised to contact their airline for the latest flight information.’

A spokesperson from Bristol Airport said: "Whilst the NATS technical issue has been resolved, customers can expect ongoing flight disruption today as the airlines work to return to normal the flight operations.

“Customers are advised to contact their airline for the latest flight information."

Airlines are making decisions to cancel flights in advance to proactively manage the flight programme meaning customers are not making their way to the Airport for cancelled flights.  

All departing and arriving flights at Cardiff Airport are currently on schedule today. However, this could change at short notice.

South Wales Argus: Cardiff Airport Cardiff Airport (Image: Archive)

Flights at Cardiff Airport were hit by cancellations yesterday after air traffic control faced technical issues.

Cardiff Airport's website listed six flights as cancelled yesterday.

Last week emergency services rushed to Cardiff Airport after a plane made an emergency landing. 

Matthew Harwood from Confused Travel Insurance said: “Following yesterday's UK air traffic control failure, thousands of passengers have been left stranded at airports as their flights have been cancelled or delayed.

"Glitches have meant that airlines are working hard to get their aircraft's and staff back onto the right schedules. But this has resulted in major inconveniences for many, and disruption is set to continue.

"If you're expecting to fly to or from a UK airport over the coming days, you should contact your airline first to check the status of your flight.

"It's likely that passengers won't receive compensation for technical issues outside of the airlines control, but airlines do still have a duty of care.

"So if your flight is cancelled, you should be offered an alternative flight, or a full refund if this isn't possible. If delayed, the airline also has an obligation to provide you with food and drink, or accommodation, if necessary."