A TERRIFIED Newport mum has spoken about being threatened with a knife whilst inside her house with her child.

Louise Mansfield was in her Duffryn home with her mum, sister and two-year-old child when three masked men with hoods armed with knives knocked on the door.

Ms Mansfield claims she was slashed round the ankles by the knife, endangering her and her family.

The mum of one said she has been ‘left petrified.’

Ms Mansfield said: “Three men came to my house armed with knives.  They knocked on the door and then said shhh.

“I opened the door a little bit and a knife came through, I then quickly shut the door.

“They kicked the panel on my door in and put a knife through it slashing my ankles.

“The panel is the same height as my two-year-old, they could have stabbed them.

“My child normally runs to the door when someone knocks at it, luckily my mum picked them up.

“I am petrified from it; I don’t even want to go outside.”

South Wales Argus: The armed men outside Ms Mansfield's homeThe armed men outside Ms Mansfield's home (Image: Louise Mansfield)

Ms Mansfield, who rang the police after the ordeal, has now placed a wooden board in front of the broken panel on the door.

Ms Mansfield said: “My camera outside caught the three men with knives outside my house, they need to be found.

"I don’t even think the police took fingerprints that night, even though their hands were all over the door and the camera outside as well.

“I am really so scared living here and scared for my family.

“We need more police patrols, Duffryn is getting worse.”

The incident took place in Duffryn at around 9:50pm/ 9:55pm on Sunday 10 September.

Gwent Police were contacted for comment.