PROTESTORS opposed to Wales' new 20mph default speed limit say they are planning to block the Prince of Wales bridge on Saturday.

A "car community" of hundreds is threatening to stage a protest on Saturday, September 30, by either blocking the bridge, or driving at 20mph from Aust services to Cardiff Gate.

The community believes the new default speed limit of 20mph is ‘dangerous.’

On Sunday, September 17, Wales became the first nation in the UK to lower the default national speed limit on residential roads from 30mph to 20mph.

The 20mph speed limit has been a hot topic across Wales since the Welsh Government passed the law in July 2022.

Caitlin Louise said: “We are starting it at 2pm, but as we’re a car community (car clubs & enthusiasts) we are pre meeting at Aust, at 1pm.

“There will be roughly 100-300+ people. We are either blocking the bridge same, or we will be doing 20mph from Aust services all the way to Cardiff Gate, or even both.

“We are doing this due to the fact this 20mph is more dangerous than 30mph. 

“There are people overtaking in 20mph zones doing more than 30mph, running red lights, the road rage that’s coming along with this is outrageous also.

“We know this probably isn’t going to work, but we’re coming together as a community to at least try, for the safety of our roads.

“We have English car clubs coming over to support us also.”

Gwent Police said it is "aware of the potential protest" and is working to "try and minimise any potential impact".

Superintendent Ryan Francis said: “We are aware of a potential protest on Saturday, September  30, and are currently working with neighbouring police forces and partner agencies to try and minimise any potential impact.

“We are seeking to engage with organisers to understand their intentions and encourage them to contact us on 101 to discuss further.

“We will issue further information before any protest takes place to ensure our communities are fully aware.”

The petition to reverse the switch to 20mph has become the most-signed petition in Senedd history.

Around one in 20 constituents have signed the petition in areas such as Islwyn, Torfaen and Newport West.