A THUG left a university student with a permanent scar after punching him above the eye in an entirely unprovoked attack on night out.

Jordan Williams, 27, assaulted stranger Morgan Cadwallader on Castle Street in Tredegar after they had both been drinking in the town.

Tabitha Walker, prosecuting, played CCTV footage capturing the incident which showed the defendant knocking the victim to the ground with one powerful blow at a cashpoint.

Mr Cadwallader and his friends had shown concern for a friend of Williams who was “incredibly intoxicated” at around 10.20pm on Saturday, September 3, 2022.

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The “aggressive” defendant marched towards them and singled out the victim who was left with blood running down his face.

The complainant was taken to Prince Charles Hospital in Merthyr Tydfil for treatment where he received stitches, Newport Crown Court was told.

Mr Cadwallader said in a victim personal statement that he feels “embarrassed and ashamed” with the scar he now has above his left eye.

“I’m not a confrontational person and I don’t like violence,” he added.

Williams, of Thomas Ellis Way, Sirhowy, Tredegar was convicted of assault occasioning actual bodily harm at Newport Magistrates’ Court last month.

He was jailed for five years last December for causing grievous bodily harm with intent following a horrific assault on a friend.

That offence post-dates this incident.

Sol Hartley, representing Williams, asked for the long delay in bringing the case to court to be taken into account.

His barrister added: “The defendant is still a young man who maintains hope for the future.”
The judge, Recorder David Elias KC, told Williams: “Mr Cadwallader had had a few pints and a good night. 

“He and his friends were doing no more than trying to assess the situation.

“They were trying to assist with what was going on and to make sure that no one came to any harm.

“For their trouble, doing nothing to provoke it and out of the blue, you threw a very forceful punch at Mr Cadwallader.

“It was a good punch and it knocked him to the floor and it caused a split above his left eye.

“It was a completely unprovoked and unexpected attack.”

Williams was jailed for five months which will be served on top of his recent five-year prison sentence.

The defendant was also made the subject of a six-year restraining order not to contact his victim.