A NEWPORT man has been warned that he could face jail time after a ‘horrible’ assault in Cardiff.

Santhos Sachithanantham, of Malpas Road, was sentenced to 15 months in prison, suspended for 24 months on July 18, 2023 for assault causing actual bodily harm to a man in Cardiff.

The 21-year-old appeared in Cardiff Crown Court after breaching his suspended sentence.

Sachithanantham pleaded guilty to two breaches.

The judge, recorder Celia Hughes warned Sachithanantham that he ‘was very close to going straight to prison.’

Judge Hughes said: “You was very close to going straight or prison for the horrible assault of a man in Cardiff.

“If there is another breach it is highly likely you will be sent to prison.

“I hope we won’t see you again, otherwise you may not be walking back out those doors.”

Sachithanantham was ordered to pay a total of £350 and will pay £30 a week.