A FORMER OWNER of a much-loved Newport pub who ‘loved to make people laugh’ has sadly died.

Originally from Ireland Jimmy O'Donnell took over The Hereford Arms, Maindee in 1970 with his wife Madge.

At the time the pub had the ‘best darts team in Newport’ with The Hereford Arms also having a pigeon club and pool team.

South Wales Argus: Jimmy sadly died on February 4, 2024Jimmy sadly died on February 4, 2024 (Image: Patrizia O'Donnell)

In 1979 the couple moved back to Donegal to retire but remained friends with a variety of friends and customers from Newport.

Surrounded by his family ‘kind and caring’ Jimmy died on February 4, 2024 aged 88.

Patrizia O'Donnell said: “Madge and Jimmy O'Donnell took over the Hereford Arms in 1970 they had a pool team, pigeon club and darts team all of which were very successful at the time.  The darts team especially so. 

South Wales Argus: Jimmy and his wife Madge took over The Hereford Arms in 1970Jimmy and his wife Madge took over The Hereford Arms in 1970 (Image: Patrizia O'Donnell)

“They moved back to Ireland in 1979 to retire. They still have a lot of friends in Newport that were customers in the pub. 

“Unfortunately, on the February 4, 2024, Jimmy passed away after a brave fight.

“He loved to make people laugh. He was kind and caring and was always happy if you were happy.  Would always help anyone if he could. 

“A lot of people have great memories of him.”

South Wales Argus: Jimmy in The Hereford ArmsJimmy in The Hereford Arms (Image: Patrizia O'Donnell)