A much-loved Newport supporters club has closed for good in the city centre.

Bar Amber, on High Street, did everything they could to remain open but despite their best efforts the pub will not open again.

The pub put their closure down to ‘unreasonable restrictions’ including their capacity being reduced from ‘120 to 60’ and no under 18's allowed three hours before and after a Newport County game.

Bar Amber said these restrictions made the business ‘financially impossible’ to stay open and they have had to ‘bite the bullet and close.’

Inside Bar Amber has already been dismantled with no sign of life.

South Wales Argus: Bar Amber in happier timesBar Amber in happier times (Image: Bar Amber)

The devastating news is a second blow for Newport as Tiny Rebel announced only last week that they are to close their High Street bar on March 31 adding that the city centre 'has been slowly imploding.'

Both Bar Amber and Tiny Rebel are both situated on the same street.

In February 2024, a burglar who stole more than £1,500 from Bar Amber in January was jailed for six months and ordered to pay £500 compensation.

South Wales Argus: A sad sightA sad sight (Image: Newsquest)

Speaking on the closure Harry Cullen said: “There a few factors which have played big parts in why the pub has shut.

“The restrictions that were in place were slightly harsh but fair with the reasoning the police put behind it.

“A few instances of trouble in the surrounding area led the police to believe that the was pub was the cause for it all.

“So, they imposed a no under 18 police 1.5 hours before and after kick off.

South Wales Argus: Inside a once busy Bar AmberInside a once busy Bar Amber (Image: Bar Amber)

“However, the new restrictions that were set to be put on the pub, in our eyes, were completely unreasonable.

“They were set to continue the No Under policy but were going to increase the hours before and after kick-off to three hours.

"Along with no drinking during these times the pub would only have been allowed 60 people out of the 120 capacity at one time. These restrictions would have made it financially impossible to keep the pub open. So, we have had to bite the bullet and close.

“We are all absolutely gutted to have had to close, but believe us, we did everything we could and thought of all different ways to remain open. But it was just not possible.”

Those who donated memorabilia to the pub and would like it back are asked to contact Mr Cullen or Charlie Dempsey.