A senior politician has downplayed speculation around major changes to the Welsh Government’s 20mph policy.

Economy minister Jeremy Miles said the switch to 20mph, which has proved controversial since it was brought in last September, was a “manifesto commitment” from Welsh Labour.

“It’s a clear policy and we are not changing that policy”, he told Politics Wales on BBC2 this Sunday, April 21.

But he acknowledged there was “a recognition that the implementation of that policy has differed sometimes quite significantly.”

Mr Miles said “listening to the public and councillors” would be a “key part” of the current government’s next steps, and there would be “some adjustment” to 20mph.

But the current discussions around 20mph in Wales are “about the implementation, not about the policy”, he said.

Earlier this week, Wales’ new Transport Secretary Ken Skates was reported as saying that the guidance around 20mph had to be corrected.

Planned changes to the guidance could allow councils to make major alterations to 20mph limits in their areas, said Mr Skates, who is expected to make a statement to the Senedd on Tuesday.

Introduced under former first minister Mark Drakeford, the Welsh government said the reduced speed limit would save lives and help build "safer communities" by reducing the number of collisions.

A petition calling for the removal of the 20mph limit reached 469,571 signatures by March 13- hundreds of thousands more than the 10,000 required for a petition to be considered for a debate.