A Chepstow teenager who was caught with up to £18,000 worth of class A drugs has been jailed.

Alexander Powles, 19, of Severn Avenue, Chepstow, was charged with numerous offences.

The offences were: Possess ammunition for a firearm without a certificate, CT 2 Possess with intent MDMA, CT 3 Possess MDMA, CT 4 Possess with intent dimethoxyphenethylamine, CT 5 Possess dimethoxyphenethylamine, CT 6 Possess with intent Ketamine, CT 7 Possess Ketamine, CT 8 Possess with intent cannabis, CT 9 Possess Cannabis, CT 10 Possess with intent Dihydrocodeine, CT 11 Possess Dihydrocodeine and CT 12 Posses LSD.

Powles, who has no previous convictions, pled guilty at the first opportunity on March 20, 2024.

Police arrested Powles on December 23, 2023, after his slow driving raised suspicion – Newport Crown Court was told.

At the time officers smelt a strong smell of cannabis. When asked if the vehicle contained cannabis Powles replied, “you will find a lot more than cannabis” and proceeded to list the drugs he was in possession of.

Searches were conduced at his home address where collection knives, knuckle dusters, large number of snap seal bags, nine vapes and high value clothes and Rolexes were found.

Powles was also in possession of MDMA tablets.

South Wales Argus: Alexander PowlesAlexander Powles (Image: Gwent Police)

The estimated street value of the Class A drugs found was between £8,000-£18,000. Powles earned around £1,000 a month for his drug involvement.

In mitigation the court heard that Powles started smoking cannabis when he left school and “fell into the wrong crowd.”

He “started transporting small amounts of cannabis and this gradually grew.” Powles would deliver drugs from one person to another.

Called a “hardworking individual” the court heard that Powles has “completely stopped smoking cannabis” and his actions have “made him think about what’s important in his life.”

Powles has been under a curfew since December 26, 2023 where he must stay indoors at his home address between 7pm and 7am daily.

Judge Porter-Bryant said: “The messages on your phone are consistent with drug dealing.

“You have disassociated yourself from the group and wish to put the drug dealing lifestyle behind you.

“I am satisfied you have showed remorse.”

Powles was sentenced to three years 8 months. He will spend half of this in prison and the other half on licence.