People across Newport were captivated by a mysterious bright light in the sky last night, May 15.

The streaks of light were spotted in Rogerstone, Caerleon, Blackwood and even as far as Bridgend at around 9:45pm.

A sea of lights were spotted circling the night sky causing many to rush to their windows to capture the display.

Speculation is swirling on where the lights came from with many taking to social media to get answers about the origin of the lights.

Some believed it was from an event taking place in Cardiff City Stadium called Circus Extreme which is running between May 15 and June 2. 

The production features show-stopping performances that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Some speculated it was a possible meteor or comet.

While some people believed it may have come from a live gig or it could have even been aliens.