A POPULAR food delivery service and takeaway business has launched a brand new menu for summer 2024. 

Tin Can Kitchen, which recently celebrated its four year anniversary after launching from a shipping container during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, has branches in Rogerstone and Cwmbran.

After previous visits to try their Off the Road menu in February and birthday menu in May, we were invited back for another time to try a sensational new menu. 

This time, Tin Can Kitchen's co-owners Jordan Phillips and Barry Fallon, have gone a twist to their menu that has a little more kick and flavour. 

Known for their love of American flavours, this menu has gone a little bit further south and is inspired by Mexican flavours. 

Dubbed the 'Birria' menu, due to its focus on the popular Mexican street meat stew of the same name, this menu has all the elements that people love about Tin Can's food, with a Mexican spice. 

Birria bowlBirria bowl (Image: NQ)

Birria is a special meat stew or soup from Mexico, made with either beef or goat meat. The meat is marinated in an 'adobo' made of vinegar, dried chilies, garlic, and herbs and spices before being cooked in a broth.

In total, this menu compromises four separate items:  a burrito bowl, birria burrito, birria beef dirty fries and birria burgers - these can come with either a beef or chicken patty, whatever your preference. 

We were treated to each item off this menu, and it all came as a surprise. 

Burria burritoBurria burrito (Image: NQ) Although I was expecting each item to have that extra kick that I've not experienced before, I was pleasantly surprised at how juicy the meat was and how that added to the overall flavour so well. 

The burgers were both melt in the mouth, but the true star of the show for me was the burrito. 

Birria beef burgerBirria beef burger (Image: NQ) Succulent strips of beef brisket, wrapped in a thin wrap, tossed in a house-made birria sauce - lettuce, chopped tomato, Mexican-spiced rice, sour cream crema, fresh salsa, crunchy tortilla chips and an onion, cilantro and lime relish, all offered a complete contrast of flavours that danced on my tongue. 

Added to this was the burrito bowl, which is effectively everything in the burrito, but without the wrap, so perfect for someone who perhaps isn't keen on that extra bread, but offers a bowl of Mexican-spiced rice to ensure you still feel full. 

Birria friesBirria fries (Image: NQ) The seasoned fries were delicious as ever, this time covered with succulent beef birria, adding an extra level of flavour to an already amazing item.  

The Birria menu's prices are as follows: 

- Burrito Bowl (Birria) : £9.99

- Birria Burrito : £10.49

- Birria Beef Dirty Fries : £7.99

- Birria Burger (Chicken) : £13.49

- Birria Birger (Beef) : £13.49

The Birria menu is now available at both Tin Can Kitchen's branches in Rogerstone and Cwmbran or online.