Voice spoke to Paul Davies, a patient of St Joseph’s Hospital, who recently had an MRI scan due to having abnormal heart palpitations when fitness training.  Here’s what Paul had to say:

Tell us a bit about your sporting life?

I’m 41-years-old and have always been reasonably athletic. In school, I was a keen rugby player and swimmer. I competed at a local level in swimming until 16, when I decided to concentrate on rugby. I played flanker, but occasionally in the centre too. I stopped playing rugby around the age of 26 due to several ankle injuries and work commitments. I still enjoy watching rugby and my rugby heroes include Jonah Lomu and Richie Macaw. I then spent several years just going to the gym occasionally but not really remaining what I would consider fit and healthy. After starting a family and as I got older, I became more aware of my health. I remember feeling the need to watch my weight, so I decided to try and eat a more balanced diet and increase my exercise level. 

How did you go about improving your fitness levels?

I started off by taking up running and in 2012 aged 34 I ran my first half marathon in Llanelli. In 2013 I continued with a few half marathons then did my first triathlon at Porthcawl. It was a short distance swim, cycle and run. I was hooked. After a few years, I found myself wanting to push myself to do longer distances. I ran with two colleagues, 42 miles from Swansea to Cardiff to raise funds for Team Evsy. The money raised went to Velindre cancer centre. I have completed a few marathons and four Ironman Triathlons (2.4 mile swim, 112 miles cycle and a 26.2 mile Marathon). The training and racing keeps me fit and healthy. 

What made you decide to have an MRI scan?

After recently learning that there is a family history of heart issues, coupled with the tragic news of seemingly fit and healthy people passing away during or soon after some races and as I was pushing my body to complete longer distances I felt I should get a check-up. I had also noticed that I was having some occasional heart rate spikes during my activities which I found unusual. 

Why did you decide to go private?

I chose St Joseph’s Hospital in Newport as it was highly recommended by a family member, no waiting times, and they have state-of-the-art facilities. I don’t think anyone can put a price on health, so it wasn’t a factor for me.

What was your visit like to St Joseph’s Hospital?

It was a very positive experience. The staff were friendly and professional. The hospital was spotless and had a nice atmosphere about it. It reminded me of walking in to a very nice hotel rather than a hospital. There was a very short waiting time from booking the appointment to receiving the scans. After the MRI scans were completed, the results were made known to me within a couple of days. 

Any problems with your scan?

The results were positive with the report saying my heart and lungs were fit and healthy with no negative findings. I can now carry on my training and look forward to my next race – the Newport Marathon in April 2020 – without the worry in my mind over my heart health. 

As you were recommended to the hospital, would you do the same for others?

I would definitely recommend the service to anyone, especially those who have had any symptoms, have a family history of heart problems or are simply pushing their bodies hard in training or racing.  

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