FloatFit is a fantastic new fitness class which is available from Newport Live. FloatFit gives a fun, full body workout on a body length, floating platform called the AquaBase, which adds a new, powerful dimension to working out.

Voice caught up with Bryony Gurmin, Health, Fitness & Wellbeing Manager of Newport Live, to ask a few questions about this popular new class, which has been a huge hit since it started in January. Here’s what she had to say:

V: Tell us more about FloatFit?

B: FloatFit takes a classic bodyweight workout and plops it on to an oversized float in the middle of a swimming pool. The special float is called an ‘AquaBase’. It’s the world’s first floating exercise mat. (As if exercise couldn’t get any harder, we add this!) The great news is Newport Live now hosts the first FloatFit sessions in Wales! There are 3 types of FloatFit classes, these are:

FloatFit HIIT

HIIT means High Intensity Interval Training so expect squats, burpees, sit-ups and mountain climbers. The focus is on timing – performing short burst of exercises at a high intensity for a short duration followed by active rest.

FloatFit Balance

FloatFit Balance uses a basis of pilates and yoga movements with the option for each participant to increase the intensity and challenge themselves based on their personal fitness level.

FloatFit Grow

A fun-packed challenging workout for children ages 8 years old and above – games, endurance, confidence building and one to tire them out!

V: What are the main benefits of doing exercise on water?

B: The natural fluidity and resistance of water challenges the body’s nervous system that helps us stay in position and balance. In turn it strengthens lots of our smaller stabilising and core muscles that hold us in position. Plus, it identifies posture weaknesses and imbalances. The good thing is that if you fall, you land in water.

V: Apart from working your core due to constantly balancing, what other areas of the body does the class focus on?

B: Due to the nature of the class types on offer there are a range of benefits. FloatFit HIIT is great for cardiovascular fitness, strength and toning, whilst FloatFit Balance takes exercises normally found in yoga and pilates-based training and brings it to water. So, flexibility, balance and finally the last part where you get to relax, lay down on it, close your eyes and imagine you are laying on a lilo on holiday.

V: How do the mats stay in place to stop people bumping into each other and going adrift?

B: The mats stay in place with lined ropes and bungees to help keep everybody in place without floating away into the abyss.

V: Ever lost anyone at sea?

B: Part of the fun of FloatFit is falling in! We love to ‘rock the boat’ and participants are taught the best technique for falling in, plus it’s also a great workout getting back on!

V: Is there any swimming involved?

B: There is no swimming involved in the main class. The only time participants would be expected to swim is to get to their float in the middle of the pool.

V: How many spaces are in a class?

B: Class spaces are limited so we suggest you book via our app. We have 12 Spaces at Newport Centre and 16 spaces at the Regional Pool & Tennis Centre classes.

V: What dates and times are the classes held?

B: Throughout the week we hold 18 classes at different times. You can view the timetable at newportlive.co.uk.

V: Are classes unisex?

B: Classes are for EVERYbody! Any gender, any age, any shape, and personality. You must be confident in water and able to swim at least 25m.

V: What should you wear?

B: We recommend that you wear a tight-fitting sports t-shirt and swim shorts over your swim costume. Trousers, leggings, joggers and any type loose-fitting clothing should not be worn.

V: Is there an age limit?

B: FloatFit HIIT and FloatFit Balance are great for adults of 14 years and above. For children we offer FloatFit Grow from the age of 8 to 14 years.

V: Is this class part of the Newport live gym membership or separate?

B: Newport Live membership offers flexible fitness to suit your lifestyle which includes access to over a 120 group exercise classes a week including FloatFit HITT and FloatFit Balance classes. A Newport Live fitness membership starts from as little as £20.40. Alternatively, we also offer a play and pay option which is £4 per class.

V: Why and who would you recommend this class to?

B: This class is recommended for anyone wanting to try something different, improve their balance, fitness and core strength as well as ditching previous exercise plateaus. You will probably scream, you will shake, you will wobble, and you will have a laugh mostly at yourself – everyone else is concentrating on themselves and not falling off! Everyone is in the ‘same boat!’ FloatFit is the class to shake things up in 2020!

If that wasn’t enough inspiration to have a go at this fun new class, each 30-minute workout burns off around 400 calories in a single session, as the constant fight to stay afloat engages the whole body. For more information visit the Newport Live website.


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