QUAKERS from Caerleon and Newport held a peace vigil yesterday (SUN) condemning the upcoming Nato summit.

The Caerleon, Newport Quakers said they cannot support an organisation that "will be working towards future military planning and implementation as a way to solve the ills of the world" during next month's summit.

The group are also critical of Nato's military interventions in countries such as Libya and Afghanistan which they say has caused "large scale death and destruction".

The hour-long peace vigil was held on Goldcroft Common in Caerleon yesterday.

A spokesman for the Caerleon, Newport Quakers said: "We are called to live in the virtue of that life and power that takes away the occasion of all wars.

"Do you faithfully maintain the testimony that war and preparation for war are inconsistent with the spirit of Christ? Search out whatever in your own life may contain the seeds of war. Stand firm in our testimony even when others prepare to commit acts of violence, yet always remember that they too are children of God.”

The Quakers, formally known as the Religious Society of Friends, say their stance on war is from the religion's book Quaker Faith and Practice.

The spokesman added: "Quakers, therefore, are committed to striving for peace and justice through non-violent, social change, waging peace at all levels of society, from teaching mediation to school children to being active in disarmament.

"In addition, Quakers try to be aware of and work peaceably to eradicate instances of injustice, inequality and oppression in the world as these contain the seeds of future conflict and aggression.

"As Quakers hold that there is 'that of God in everyone', we cannot therefore support but only condemn a Nato summit that will be working towards future military planning and implementation as a way to solve the ills of the world."

The Quakers' vigil comes ahead of a week of protests due to take place in Cardiff and Newport from August 30.

Protesters from umbrella group No Nato Newport have organised a march, counter-summit and mass civil disobedience opposing Nato's presence.

Gwent Police have estimated 20,000 protestors will descend on the city and plans have been made to hold a week-long peace camp in Tredegar Park to accommodate them.

The summit is being held on September 4 and 5 at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport.